TBM Automation AG, Switzerland - Peening and Blasting Controls

MFN Metal Finishing News: 25 Years Of Innovations - Challenging The Digital Future

MFN Metal Finishing News Interview: 25 Years Of Innovations - Challenging The Digital Future TBM Automation AG, celebrating its 25th anniversary, has created many types of technology during this period. The Swiss-based company is one of the cutting edge innovators in the field of shot peening and blasting controls.

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New High Performance Robot Shot Peening Machine

Robot with a mobile calibration. At Liebherr - Aerospace Lindenberg GmbH, Germany a new roxor robot shot peening machine with TBM control systems was successful commissioned. Liebherr - Aerospace is known as a leading supplier for aircraft air management, flight control and landing gears systems as well as gearboxes.

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12th International Conference on Shot Peening ICSP-12 – Gratifying exhibitors resumé of TBM Automation AG

TBM-Roxor mobile testbench for mediadosing and flow control. The TBM Automation AG delighted about a lively interest on the ICSP-12, the most important international conference on shot peening from September 15th to 18th 2014 in Goslar, Germany. Especially the new media dosing with high-precision control of the shot peening medium was a real crowd magnet. The system was jointly developed with the Roxor Maschinen AG.

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Wet blasting machines with Sinumerik CNC for Lufthansa Technik in Hamburg

Visionsystem At Lufthansa Technik in Hamburg two wet blasting machines with Siemens Sinumerik 840D sl CNC control systems were successful commissioned. These two upgraded Baiker equipment allow parts from aircraft engines to be machined.

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MFN Metal Finishing News Interview - Innovative Controls And Sensors For Shot Peening And Blasting Applications

Metal Finishing News MFN spoke to Mr. Silvester Tribus, CEO and Mr. Urs Tobler, Head of Peening Controls, of TBM Automation AG. Today TBM is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of controls, sensors and flow meters for the aerospace and automotive industries. Premium products are offered that are used for shot peening as well as dry and wet blasting purposes. Recently, TBM entered a cooperative agreement with Roxor Strahltechnik.

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TBM Automation AG acquires Business Unit of Anvil Developments

TBM Automation AG acquires Business Unit of Anvil Developments On December 31, 2011 the Swiss high-tech company TBM Automation AG took over the business unit ‘Flow Sensor’ of Anvil Developments in Switzerland. The engineer, Rudolf Bosshard reached the age of retirement, and as the owner of Anvil Developments has ensured a flawless succession in the future.

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