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Shot Peening and Blasting technology

For decades shot peening and blasting technology has been a core competency of TBM Automation AG. Since 1991, the development and building of PLC, CNC and robotic controls for both wet and dry blasting processes have been successfully realised in the aerospace and automotive industry. Additionally, Visualisation- and supervision systems that meet SAE AMS 2432 are part of our core business. With the experience of more than 150 projects in this area we create solutions for new machines as well as retrofits and upgrades to existing machines.

We have expanded our program in 2011 through the acquisition of the business unit Anvil Developments flow sensors 501-503 of Mr. Ing. Rudolf Bosshard. Our sensors are suitable for a wide range of Fe and non-Fe-media.

Since 2012, we have completed our program with a highly accurate, non-wearing Fe-flow measurement. Our development has been optimized for the dosing system of roxor strahltechnik and can be used as a complete measurement and control system. Together with our partner roxor we have created a R&D peening system that allows us to calibrate the units for all blasting media of our customers.

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Fe-Dosing unit with inductive Flow-Sensor TBM 901.4 Dosing Control Dosing Servo Amplifier CNC control cabinet of a wet blasting machine Fe-Flowmeter 701.2 RD-System of Roxor and TBM